Star Wars VII Theory

Last night I had the privilege of seeing Episode VII with my co-workers. If you think seeing the first new Star Wars movies in a loooooong time is awesome, imagine doing it in a theater packed with nothing but friends and co workers. The energy was awesome!

Now, I won’t make this a full movie review… I might come back and edit some in later, but for right now I want to talk specifically about Supreme Leader Sillyname. (And no, I don’t want to talk about the borderline silliness of his actual name. Let’s just get that out of the way now.)

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, well, don’t click below to show more then if you don’t want some stuff potentially spoiled!

Okay, you clicked “More”. Are you sure you want to see what’s below? Very well then!

So, to start off, I think we can all agree that Snoke looks a little, er, ravaged, yeah? There is definitely something going on there in that regards. With that in mind, did you pay attention to the audio cues in his scenes? It’s a common trait in movies to give each key character a “theme”, a musical score all their own, that plays when they are on screen or being discussed at length. The most extreme example of this is the well known Imperial march and Vader, obviously, but I can assure you every major movie you’ve watched has done this to some degree if you pay attention. Go look at a movie sound track and you will see that almost half the song titles have a character name in each one.

Speaking of that, in Episode III there is a oft forgotten scene where Palpatine is telling Anakin a story of a Sith Lord named Darth Plagueis the Wise. He tells of his efforts to find immortality, and how he was able to use the force to cheat death. According to Palpatine, he was near completion of his work when his apprentice struck him down in his sleep after he learned all of his knowledge. It’s alluded to, but not outright said to you, that Darth Sidious (Palpatine) is the apprentice of this Sith Lord… As this story is being told, a song is playing in the background, that song is known as “The tragedy of Darth Plagueis”. It sounds similar, but with a few distinct differences, from the theme of the Emperor in the original trilogy.

Flash forward to now, when Snoke is on screen, and you will hear music that is eerily similar to the Emperor’s theme, but intermixed with some of stringed music. If you compare the two song’s you might notice that some of the key differences are the same as the music in the Darth Plagueis’ song. Interesting.. huh? What if Sidious/Palpatine didn’t succeed in completely killing Plageueis? What if a part of his power remained and over the last 100 years he has been rebuilding his power, both physically and metaphorically… and if that’s the case, maybe that is where Ben/Kylo comes into play. He’s to be the conduit to host his spirit and power in a healthy, strong body, completing Plagueis’s long ago experiments of cloning the perfect Fore sensitive body to live immortally though? After all, twice in the movie Kylo says “he is wise” in reference to Supreme Leader Snoke….

Alternatively, he could just be some rando Sith and the musical minds that be have decided various takes on the Emperors well known theme is to be the theme for all Sith I guess…

(Oh, by the way.. I’m as heart broken about Han as you are, but I was waiting for that scene since the start of the movie. Harrison has long said in public that for every single one of the original movies he lobbied hard to be killed off, and was disappointed that he wasn’t each time. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually as condition of him returning in the first place.)