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So I’ve always wanted to give some fireworks photography a shot, but never took the time when they were happening, since, you know.. it’s something you kind of only get one or two chances a year for. This year for the 4th I set up at the LAS parking garage roof for a great view of the strip with my friends, only for us to find out last minute there would be no fireworks shows on the strip, so we then relocated down the street to the roof of a friends house. I did get a really cool set of shots of the Strip that I stitched together for a manual panorama, and then tried my hand at some 3-5 second long exposure shots. All in all, they weren’t too bad! I could definitely do better knowing what I know now, but I am happy with the first attempt! The last image in the set is actually a stacked shot of several photos of fireworks merged together, just for fun.

You can find the entire album at my portfolio here

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