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In late June I’ll be leaving Genvid. I have something amazing lined up starting on the 21st that I just couldn’t say no to, which I’ll elaborate later on at that time. For now all I’ll say is that I am, *GASP!* LEAVING THE GAMES INDUSTRY after 16 years. However, I am still very much entrenched in tech, taking on a VP role in FinTech doing something that unexpectedly stokes my passions in an entirely different direction.

When I left Riot Games for this opportunity at Genvid in 2018 it was for all the right reasons, and I’m so grateful for my time there as a result. It gave me *exactly* what I was looking for: an opportunity to learn, grow, be challenged in new ways. To try new things, and absolutely revolutionize what interactive entertainment looks like, and set the table for the upcoming conversations we’ll all be having about the Metaverse.

I think I helped them head towards that goal in many ways, and I’ll be 100% genuine when I say that submitting my resignation was tied with doing so at Riot as the hardest I have ever done. I agonized over it, because I really DO feel like they are changing the world, and I didn’t want any one to wrongly think I had lost faith in that vision, or that the ground they are breaking was no longer worth my time.

None of that is true, I’m just ready for a wild and crazy 180 degrees into an entirely different direction while I still have some of the few remaining better years left in me to take these crazy risks.Genvid is going to become a household name in entertainment, not just gaming, and the next 3 years are going to blow your mind. Honestly.. you should go work for them on this stuff.. let me know if you need a referral, I know a guy. 😉

As to my new adventure, stay tuned and I’ll share later in June around my Birthday 😛

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