Also known around the internet as Sargonas®, J. is a 16 year veteran of the Video Game Industry (and naturally a passionate gamer), hobbyist photographer, 3D Printing enthusiast/maker, and devour-er of delicious food. Not too long ago however, I made the leap out of the game industry for something else in technology… where I am now the VP of Ecosystem Operations at a FinTech startup founded by Bram Cohen, creator of the BitTorrent protocol.

I’m currently living in Las Vegas with a partime weekend getaway at my old apartment in LA (Santa Monica, technically), but I consider San Francisco my adopted home. I actually grew up primarily in Louisville, Kentucky after having originally spent my first 13 years in the small town of Jasper, Indiana however. My Girlfriend of 10 years has been living in Tokyo since 2017, where I visit her regularly and consider that my adopted overseas home-away-from-home as well. I guess I kind of travel a lot…

Along with (and related to!) the above hobbies, I also serve on the Board of Directors for SYN Shop (, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that operates a makerspace/hackerspace serving the greater Las Vegas area. It’s kind of quite awesome, and if you are local (or visiting!) you should definitely check us out!

This site is a random collection of thoughts and experiences throughout my life on the internet, as well as breadcrumbs to my other ventures such as my Photography work and 3D Printing creations. It’s probably not all that exciting, but it’s nice for me to collect it all somewhere that I can look back on over time and reminisce, while keeping it within my control rather than some other social media platform I have to be beholden to.

If you want to find me elsewhere on the internet, a link to All The Things related to me can be found at


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